etsy listings, jewelry and a new stutterinmama model

 Meet Anna.  She joined me for our end of the month photoshoot.  

Lots of new items added to the etsy shop.  This 1950's cotton Jerry Gilden is one of my favorites!
1950s Cotton Dress by Jerry Gilden
1950s wool knit dress (sold) and a late 1960s crepe acetate day dress
late 1950s floral print day dress
1950s silk skirt suit
1950s shirtwaist day dress, 1950s plaid wool 49er (sold)
1940s rayon dress with full skirt
1950s eisenberg ice, 1950s coro set, black bakelite came and a rhinestone weiss brooch
late 1950s striped day dress (sold), 1950s black textured nylon day dress
1950s brown pin tucked day dress
early 1960s black chiffon cocktail dress
1950s brown and back sheath dress (sold)

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