Bringing beautiful vintage clothing to customers world wide is now a dream come true! 

Sarah Deaton-Zaayer has been a long time vintage collector and after years of working in the corporate world, decided to pursue her true passion for vintage. Simply Vintage Boutique started in 2011 as a one woman show. Sarah modeled and sold timeless frocks from her own wardrobe, eventually creating an online store. Since then, the store has completed over 2,500 sales to date, with customers as far away as Australia to Spain! 

Here at the shop, we strive to fill our inventory with only the most beautiful and desirable of timeless pieces. Even if it means spending days searching high and low for new inventory and countless hours rescuing garments with loving and thoughtful care. We always try to send off an item in better condition then how it was found and have great pride in giving new life to garments that would have been lost to time.

Sarah is personally a fan of the 1940's and 1950's, and wears a mix of vintage everyday. She believes buying vintage is not only fashionable, but a sustainable way of life! Good for the environment, good for our sense of history and good for the economy. With her expertise and knowledge, Simply Vintage Boutique is always filled with classic and desirable items. We truly love knowing each and every item is sent to someone who will love and cherish it!